Can the Digerati Save the Constitution?

We are the digerati.  Not the youthful millennials, who never knew a world without high-speed data , we are first generation digerati.  We are educated wealthy and poised to lead.  We were destined to be lazy, entitled, slackers, yet we redefined the world.  We brought about a great leap forward in technology.  Now we must act to prevent our government from using our technology to bring about the destruction of the very freedoms that technology represents.

As children we lived with the specter of nuclear annihilation, we saw the pain of Vietnam in the eyes of our fathers and regaled about the heroism of the allies in WWII at the knees of our grandparents.  One must consider the faces of mid-century evil, Hitler and Stalin, when recalling the history of WWII.  The Gestapo and the KKVD carried out the will of the leadership without regard for law, ethics or morality- the will of the state was supreme, and the state was the ruler.

What connects the horrors of the middle twentieth century to the current era?  Fear.   The desire for security brought Hitler, Stalin and many others to power.   Today we have a leader that has publicly stated that we must cede our constitutionally guaranteed rights in exchange for security.  History has not been kind to the citizens of nations that have chosen security over freedom.   I believe the words of Benjamin Franklin sum it up well, “those that surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.”   We have allowed our freedoms to be taken from us the same way that the Germans and Russians succumbed to the siren song of security.

We initiated the technological revolution that enabled our government to violate the Constitution; we sat idly by while our freedoms were usurped.  We didn’t innovate in order to be watched and monitored; we are a generation looking to shrink the world and create peace through openness and transparency.  We built it and now it is time for us to take responsibility.   We must show our true colors:  Are we the slackers that we were expected to be or do we have what it takes to return our nation to the path of a free republic?  Do we care enough to engender revolution?  Will we simply keep our heads in the sand and allow all of our freedom to disappear,  leaving our children a dystopian legacy that even George Orwell couldn’t have imagined.

We have a choice to make:  do nothing and allow tyranny to reign or to take up whatever means necessary to overthrow those in power that wish to rob us of our freedom.   The Constitution is our source code and we must defend it against the virus of treasonous leadership.  Are you ready to fight?  How far are you willing to go to save our nation?

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