Big Data, Surveillance and the end…

President Obama continues to defend the illegal spying on Americans by the NSA.  The administration has had apologists from both sides of the aisle out in force.  Have you ever seen a time when Dick Cheney, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are all singing from the same hymnal?   All sides defending the policy and supporting an epic executive power grab.

Where is the outrage in the media?  The NSA spying, on the coattails of the AP records subpoena, and the IRS targeted auditing scandal?   Ho-Hum, just another day on the road toward totalitarianism.  Hyperbole?   Take a moment and Google General Keith Alexander.  General Alexander may be the most dangerous and powerful man in the U.S. Army; the operator in charge of the NSA and a number of other military controlled alphabet soup agencies… 

Where are the folks that were so angry at what they saw as abuse of power by George W. Bush?   Where are the conservative tea party fanatics that are convinced that president Obama is the devil?  All are conspicuously silent.   I cannot believe that every single, thinking person with a grasp of history is not appalled by the expansion of executive power and the surveillance society that is accompanying it.  Is anyone asking who benefits when the citizenry relinquishes freedom in exchange for imagined security?

Democrats and Republicans that can’t agree on simple things like the value of balancing the budget or how to manage immigration but they have no problem getting together to authorize the illegal seizure of your personal information, all in the name of national security.   What will it take to spark the outrage necessary to take back our liberty?   Satellites blanket the earth and private companies are launching more and more low orbiting satellites, ostensibly to monitor all sorts of things from traffic congestion to weather conditions, are being launched daily; If looking up and seeing cameras on every street corner in every major city is disconcerting, knowing that government is intercepting our telephone calls and reading our email, is it a stretch to believe that they are watching from the eye in the sky?  This is not paranoid, conspiracy theory, this is the reality of the United States of America that we now inhabit. 

The media has been complicit in this entire affair.   The media has not cried foul while the federal government runs roughshod over our rights; the media barely peeped when their own, beloved, first amendment was trampled by the subpoena of numerous AP records.   Does anyone care?   Is anyone scared of the possible outcomes?

It is staggering how easily we cede our rights and how little concern we have for the personal freedom that our forebears fought so hard to guarantee.   Our freedom is under attack from many sides and all in the name greater domestic security. I would much rather face a bit more uncertainty and the threat of danger than to be constantly monitored by an oppressive government.  Assuming a bit risk is so much appealing than living in an Orwellian fantasy.

I am a patriot, I believe in the Constitution and I am disgusted by the tyranny that is being forced upon us by our leadership.  I fear that totalitarian rule is inevitable.  It will follow a great tragedy that results in the necessity for martial law- once that happens there will be no turning back.  The United States will be no more….

Are you concerned?  Do you care?  What do you think we should do to take back our nation?

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